Passenger Assistant Training

PATs training in Tower Hamlets

If you have care or supervision of passengers travelling by road (including cars, taxis, minibuses or large buses) you should take this course. Drivers should take the course if they also work as a Passenger Assistant (PA), have a dual role or work as a team with a Passenger Assistant.

(Passenger Assistants can be referred to by many different names, including passenger escorts, passenger carers, care assistants, chaperones and helpers).

What you’ll get from the course

  • Formal accreditation as a Passenger Assistant
  • Improved comfort and safety for passengers
  • Understand and meet passengers’ needs
  • Increased confidence at work
  • PATS membership (participants are invited to join)
  • Meet legal and contractual requirement

Course content

  • Module A: The role of the passenger assistant This is the foundation module for all passenger assistants. This module enables drivers/carers to understand the role of the passenger assistant.
  • Module B1: Passenger awareness and assistance. This module covers awareness of passenger needs and how to assist, looking at individuals who don’t use a wheelchair.
  • Module B2: Assisting passengers who travel in wheelchairs B2 covers similar
  • Module C1: Supervising children and young people with special needs
  • Module C2: Working with adults who need care and supervision

Theory Test and Practical Skills Assessments

  • Assisting a passenger with walking difficulties
  • Guiding and assisting a passenger with a sight loss
  • Assisting a wheelchair user

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