THCT Charges


Affiliation fees are on a scale of £10 -£250, depending on the annual turnover of the organisation. Full details of the scale are on the application form.

Vehicle Hire

Session Rates

Unfunded groups0-4 hours £10, then £2.50 per hour, up to 8 hrsOr 8-24 hrs £30
Funded groups0-4 hours £20, then £5 per hour, up to 8 hrsOr 8-24 hrs £60
Statutory groups0-4 hours £30, then £7.50 per hour, up to 8 hrsOr 8-24 hrs £90

Mileage rates

£1.00 per mile / 62 pence per kilometre for first 100 miles / 160 kilometres Then 50 pence per mile / 31 pence per kilometre for additional miles / kilometres. (Discounted mileage rate applied only to mileages exceeding 100miles / 160km per session)

Unfunded Group day trips 25% Discount

A discount of 25% on the hire cost will be applied to bookings made by Unfunded Groups when doing any day trips of 70 miles or more – leaving and returning on the same day.

Cancellation Charges

There is no charge if we receive at least 24 hours’ notice of cancellation of a vehicle booking. If a booking is cancelled within 24 hours, we will charge you £10. Where a booking has been made and not cancelled, and the vehicle is not used, the charge as per session will apply.

Cleaning Charges

If a vehicle is returned with a dirty or littered interior, a charge of £10 -£100 will be made. These charges are easily avoided by keeping the interior clean and by observing the no smoking, drinking, eating or chewing gum rules


In the event of damage to the vehicle whilst in your care, your organisation may be liable to costs up to the current insurance excess. Drivers who damage vehicles may be required to take a new assessment and re-training as required. THCT may remove a driver from its register in the event of serious damage, or failure to report the damage.